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Poslaťod gykk » Pon 21. Máj 2018 10:28:23

Best Squonk Mod | MAGIC BOX Kit

There is a big booming of bottom- filling devices in the electronic cigarette industry. This stock has spread fiercely abroad in the country. HCIGAR was one of the domestic brands that introduced the bottom filling equipment earlier and always try to make the best unregulated box mod. Although the INBOX launched in the early stage did not successfully catch the domestic endorsement express train, it is enough to prove that HCIGAR is a very prescient brand.

The MAGIC BOX shared today is HCIGAR's newly introduced bottom-filling equipment set developed by the TOWIS team. I think it's among high-end mechanical mods. The package contains MAGIC BOX BF MOD, MAZE V1.1RDA, spare plastic bottle and finished coil accessories. This MAGIC BOX has two versions of carbon fiber veneer and the 3D magnetic panels. The only difference between them is the panel.

This is a mechanical bottom-filling equipment, but the details and performance of this best squonk mod is not the same as the most devices. The switch and the interface are hidden inside, so the whole structure looks more complete. And because of the window of the panel, it's very easy to open the panel and no need a strip.

The pre-The milky white 7ML silicone bottle is designed with the two-layer metal cover of different sizes which can effectively stagger the finger force, making the refilling operation smoothly. The spare plastic bottle for distribution has a sealed lid, and you can directly use it as liquid storage bottle for out going . The two materials of the bottle have different feel during the extrusion and filling. You can select according to their own preferences.

Today we will talk about the 3D version . The panel has a thick embossed pattern and feels its uneven touch in the palm of your hand. The aesthetics of this textured wolf design is described by Hcigar as “Mysterious”.. However,if you like the simple feeling you can choose the version of the carbon fiber veneer, the appearance of the entire mod can be completely changed to a simple type.

The MAGIC BOX has a large fire button area and can be locked. Pushing the switch upwards to lock can avoid the risk of accidental misfires. The fire button's elasticity is not high, and it is more comfortable than many mechanical mods on the market. It's amazing to enjoy the process of finding authentic mechanical mods for sale.

There is a small depression in the bottom of the storage bottle. This position plays a significant role in removing the storage bottle. Because of the low hardness of the silicone bottle, it is more convenient to insert a finger into the groove to buckle the bottle. Although this design will increase the height of the box, it can be completely ignored.

The original atomizer is MAZE V1.1 RDA, which needs to be adjusted according to the intake air to determine the parameters of the coil. If the coil power is not enough,you will not get a full taste. Take a common set of mechanical pole data 22G/3/0/5 as example, this RDA performs very well with both clouds and flavor.

The inlet port of the atomizer is four-sided. In accordance with the characteristics of the silicone bottle, the MAGIC BOX can be used to gently and smoothly transport your vape liquid to the cotton. In combination with the compact volume compression of the MAZE V1.1 RDA, this suit is very economical when used.

However, some one will certainly say that the single-powered mod must be unfriendly. In fact, you can take a spare battery and enjoy your wonderful day.
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Re: hello

Poslaťod Jesen » Pon 21. Máj 2018 20:00:59

Welcome and have fun. Although you won't find many info in English here :)

Kanger Subox Mini + Subtank Mini RBA,
SMPL mod klon + Pico RTA klon, Kayfun Lite Plus v2
Eleaf Istick 100w TC + SMOK TFV4, OBS ENGINE mini, Goblin mini v2
Eleaf Istick Pico 75w + GUS Phenomenon klon, Kayfun v3 mini klon
RDA: Stillare, Stumpy
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The Coolest 10 Vape Mods Which will Greatly Enrich Your Eyes

Poslaťod gykk » Uto 22. Máj 2018 7:42:20

With the booming development of e-cigarettes,Equipment products have been constantly "updating iteratively." It's always hard to find the best cheap box mods. Various brands and a wide variety of variable voltage devices have entered the market in large quantities. Consumers are a little overwhelmed. With the increase of the number of product types, the technology has become more mature, and the performance has been increased. With the development trend of “good-looking chase”, manufacturers have begun to “ find an unconventional approach”. Electronic cigarette products are no longer confined to improving the performance of products. , began to adapt to the player's "aesthetic style" and improve the overall value of the face.

At this stage, there are two ways to improve the appearance of mods device:

1. Materials

The material is to change the material selection of the host equipment, use "fluffy wood" pressed into stabilizers and pigments to create "stable wood" or artificial "synthetic jade" and some special materials, and the traditional alloy body material formed sharp contrast;


The unique host device with unique design and colorful color is no longer just an electronic product, it is more like a fine "artwork";

Whether it is a breakthrough in materials or innovation in styling, it will be able to catch the eyes of members of the “Appearance Association” and allow consumers to “purchase” their desire to purchase.

In this issue, I will introduce 10 models with unique features.

1. iJoy Captain PD270 – 234W

The iJoy Captain PD270 is one of the first vape mods to feature the 20700 battery which is a larger capacity than the 18650’s used in most mods as standard.

Straight off the bat the Captain offers excellent battery life from the two supplied batteries in the kit. It does also come with an adapter to allow the use of any 18650’s you may have.

The mod has all the other features you would expect from an advanced mod as well as a huge 234W power output. All this is regulated by the IWEPAL chip that does a great job in all modes.

Despite the new bigger batteries the iJoy Captain can house it’s still a compact device, albeit on the heavy side, which for us personally adds to a quality feel.

2. TF200 - "Autobots, deformation, departure!"

TF200 shape on both sides of the fuselage marked "Transformers" in the important faction of the faction of the vector LOGO, is a decent character in the Transformers. The players are affectionately called "Transformers." TF200 is not confined to the appearance of "Transformers", and the battery compartment switch design also imitates the "automobile" after the deformation of both sides of the door. The battery compartments on both sides are open upwards, and 18650 batteries are placed in each side battery compartment.

The ignition and adjustment buttons are located on the side of the LOGO's head and chin, and the screen is located at the nose. The bottom is equipped with a USB interface, but it does not support direct USB charging and is only suitable for firmware upgrades. The power range of the output of the "Transformer" power mode is 6~200W.

Each adjustment in the 6~100W range is ±0.5W; within the range of 100~200W, each adjustment is ±1W. And in power mode, the lowest resistance value can support 0.08Ω. The unique “Automatic Identification of Filament Function” will directly jump out the Set COIL prompt interface after installing the atomizer, allowing users to quickly select the silk type and adjustment mode.

3. Poke vape - "Go! Pikachu!"

Poke mod of Poke Vape is an e-cigarette mod based on the Pokemon game Poke Ball. The design inspiration comes from the animation “Princess Poke Dream”. It is also commonly called Pokemon in China. I believe It will not be unfamiliar to many players born after 1980 and 1990. The Elfball mod has three color combinations that correspond to the different types of sprites in the Pokémon game, red "race balls," black "special balls," and blue "master balls."

The POKE VAPE Elf Ball mod uses a PC+ABS material with a diameter of 95mm. There are two buttons on the front of the ball. The ignition button is located at the top of the ball. The battery compartment of the ball can be opened after the small metal is pressed. The screen and adjustment buttons and the USB charging port are all set in the sphere, with EVOLV DNA75 chip, the maximum output power is 75W. It can be used with single-type 26650 or 18650 batteries.

4. Aliens E.T-X2 - "Mom says that there is no monster in this world!"

The Aliens E.T-X2 is a single mod with a size of 108mm x 73mm x 30mm and weighs 268g. The battery compartment adopts a one-piece clamshell design and fits 18650 model batteries. The bottom USB port supports direct charging. The "strange style" of the styling is similar to that of the triangular head in the movie, with a huge crown and a spur in the back.

In addition to gold, gunmetal, brown and other five kinds of color to choose from, with the entire paint surface protection UV layer protection and paint color more vivid, the entire paint surface looks bright. The other direction can also provide some protection for the paint surface, and it is more wear-resistant. In addition to the wild modeling, the unique E.T-X2 single main output power is 80W and the minimum required resistance is 0.1Ω. The actual output power is still ideal.

5. Point Black——"Locked and loaded "

Point black is a new type of mechanical box produced by Philippine CMII. The whole size is 108 * 77 * 77mm. The overall shape consists of two colors, black and gold, with 24K gold-plated copper and T6 aluminum. The material is thick and weighs 600g, which is slightly bulky. Mechanized carved unique gun grip shape, water chestnut clear, fine workmanship.

The main unit has two buttons. The firing trigger on the edge is the ignition button on the host and the button on the side of the body is the button to open the battery compartment. The bullet cartridge that is retired is the battery compartment of the mainframe. It can accommodate two 18650 batteries and outputs the circuit directly in parallel. The unique lock and unlock design ensure the safety of daily use.

6. Heatvape invader mini - "Pole or box?"

Invader mini is a single electric temperature control box with the battery compartment located at the bottom. This mod uses a rotating open and an external single 18650 model battery. The overall volume is elongated and the size is 31.5*39*102mm.

The overall use of zinc alloy, brass and silicon material, the appearance of modeling similar to the shape of the robot head in the film, the entire silicone shape design water chestnut has caused, outstanding shape, comfortable and very comfortable with a sense of science and technology. In the voltage regulation mode, the power output range is 1-50W and the minimum support resistance is 0.16Ω. In temperature mode, the temperature output range is 200°F-600°F (93.3°C-315.5°C).

7. Incubus mod——“Hold your fire”

The Incubus is a dual-electric mechanical box with black and white shades. Like the Point black host, the overall appearance is similar to the shape of a pistol with a pistol, but with less front-end trigger heat button. The whole body is made of copper and carbon fiber. Although there is no point black mainframe on the styling, the overall streamlined design of the handle design, the line fits the palm.

Press the button on the side of the fuselage to eject the bullet clip, which is the battery compartment of the main unit. The battery compartment is made of red copper and has good conductivity. The batteries can be placed in parallel or in series (dead). The bottom of the battery compartment can be adjusted to adjust the height of the interface, fine adjustment of the height of a small error to adapt to the size of the battery. The safety button on the back side of the gun shape is used as the ignition button of the main engine. It can adjust the height of the gear below and lock the height of the button to achieve the locking effect.

8. Hcigar VT250 - "perfect curve"

The Hcigar VT250 Mod is 50*40*96mm, which incorporates a robotic conceptual design full of technological sense. The front of the host adopts a dynamic and fluid line design. The middle of the back is embedded with the leather logo of the embossed robot, and the texture of the staggered mapping of the metallic paints with different tones of the overall tone can give a full sense of science and technology. Sleek corners, no extra water chestnuts, ergonomic design. With the latest hot EVLOV DNA250 chip, powered by three 18650 batteries, the maximum output power up to 250W.

9. Smoant RABOX - "Fully Transparent"

The size of Smaont Rabox Mod is 70*31*90mm with a net weight of 288g. It has three color shades of red, white and black. It is a semi-mechanical machine with a unique open design of stainless steel frame. Nano-day splash-proof technology PCB circuit board built-in 3 power and prompt LED and buzzer, in addition to the side panels with PV acrylic cover, all exposed. Similar to the host computer chassis model, the appearance may seem simple but it has a mechanical aesthetic.

If you set the micro USB charging port and use the USB cable for direct charge. This is your dreamful electronic cigarette charger. It has built-in 3300mAh capacity high-rate lithium battery, and the maximum output power is 100W. The minimum support resistance is 0.1Ω. You can move the button on the side of the motherboard to switch between High/Soft two gear modes.

10. Eleaf iStick Pico 75w

The Eleaf iStick Pico packs a lot of features into it’s compact body. It’s a great looking mod that sits in the palm of the hand well. It’s worth noting that any tank above 22mm may be a squeeze but that shouldn’t be an issue for most.

Powered by a removable 18650 battery (must be purchased separately), power output upto 75W and with temp control compatibility the Eleaf Pico ticks a lot of boxes.

I want to share the 10 coolest vape mods to everyone. Each model has its own unique design. Is there anyone that can attract your attention? I collect several different mods which may be only a few of personalized modeling mods. Perhaps you have seen a mod with a more personalized design. Welcome to share with everyone in the comment area below so that "appearance Association" players are spoiled for variable choices.
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Re: The Coolest 10 Vape Mods Which will Greatly Enrich Your

Poslaťod Beastik » Uto 22. Máj 2018 11:57:52

Dear User gykk,

welcome to our forum, you are seller and you have your webshop? What is name of your e-s-hop?
Can you give us more information about your plan? Would you like to make business with us?
If you can give us special offers with discounts, or another benefits, we will appreciate it.

You must post all offers only to one thread to keep this forum clean. (all sellers has his owns threads..) all other sell offers will be deleted. I can rename this thread for name of your shop, or similar name...

Beastik. :)
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Re: The Coolest 10 Vape Mods Which will Greatly Enrich Your

Poslaťod gykk » Str 23. Máj 2018 4:21:21

Beastik píše:Dear User gykk,

welcome to our forum, you are seller and you have your webshop? What is name of your e-s-hop?
Can you give us more information about your plan? Would you like to make business with us?
If you can give us special offers with discounts, or another benefits, we will appreciate it.

You must post all offers only to one thread to keep this forum clean. (all sellers has his owns threads..) all other sell offers will be deleted. I can rename this thread for name of your shop, or similar name...

Beastik. :)

Dear Beastik,
Thanks for your help very much.
Our store is vaping Bison ,and now will offer 10% discount(code: NEWVB10) for new users. We are very glad and appreciate it that you can make business with us. Would you kindly tell me what kind of support will you offer?
Thanks for your understanding :dhd:
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Re: Vaping Bison // 10%OFF FOR NEW USERS

Poslaťod gykk » Uto 29. Máj 2018 8:57:09

"Being Simple and reliable" has always been the character of Sub ohm tanks. Simpleness means having no tedious DIY process, but also reducing the frequency of oil injection and core replacement; and reliability is to avoid problems such as oil leakage and short circuit during in use. Today, I share with you such a great one manufactured by Tesla - TALLICA TANK.

Product Details:
Resistance: 0.18 ohm ( 60W - 110W ) TS - XX coil / 0.2 ohm ( 80 - 140W ) TS - S coil
Thread: 510 thread
Capacity: 6ml
Diameter: 26mm

Main Features:
1. Huge cloud and extremely dense flavor
2. Equipped with other 810 drip tip on the market
3. Slide filling system
4. Plug-n-pull coil change
5. The triangular air flow system

The tank is with the convenient slide filling system and the oil injection hole is large enough , which is convenient for various dropper. The inner pad with the seal and anti-slip function is fixed with a ball structure.

Its structure in the middle section is easily reminiscent of the RTA, since the atomizing space for most finished atomizers is inside the atomizing core. Therefore, its role is mainly to support the upper and lower convergence, lengthening the flue to finish non-destructive core change.

The atomizing core and the cover are fixed by pressing, so the replacement is very convenient.But when the atomizing core is disassembled, the electrode rubber ring is easy to falling off, so the stress point should be in the bottom groove of the atomizing core. After the atomizer is removed, you will find that the 6ml oil storage capacity is not limited to the glass warehouse, but also including the invisible space in the stainless steel cover.

There are some mesh heating wires in the atomizing core. With such a structure, heat generation can be made uniform, and the contact area between your liquid and the wires can be fully increased, so that you can get a full and balanced taste experience. The delicate cotton cores are layered and stacked to effectively disperse conductive fumes and ensure adequate liquid storage.

The larger base space provides smooth air intake conditions. The electrodes are two simple square bumps, which are also very convenient for cleaning and maintenance. With the cover structure in the middle section, this TALLICA TANK has a very strong potential of RBA, and if the vendor develops an adapted wires accessories, you will get wonderfull DIY experience.

The large storage space provides an effective guarantee for daily life. Due to its large area of mesh heat structure, you will get the experience with delicate taste and huge cloud.

With low resistance , the tank can match with the dual-electricity mod which will offer sufficient power. On the whole, the TALLICA TANK is a good choice with a rough design style and a delicate taste experience.

visitVapingBison for more products. :smok: 10%OFF FOR NEW USERS !! :vap_cig: CODE:NEWVB10 :smok3:
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Re: vapingbison.com // 10%OFF FOR NEW USERS

Poslaťod gykk » Uto 05. Jún 2018 7:51:14

Smoant S8 Pod Kit Review | Classy And Simple

Smoant electronic cigarette products are still very popular in the field of electronic cigarettes.Now lets go to other popular one —— Smoant S8 Pod Kit.

Smoant S8 can meet the current needs of smart vape products, unlike the other vape pen, its appearance adopts the sports car element, and the whole look is like a flat pebble. The relatively large size of the S8 brings a built-in battery with 370 mAh capacity and 2ML of liquid storage capacity, making it more powerful in terms of battery life and E-liquid.

Smoant recommends 70VG/30VG e-liquid when using, but warns that more than 40% PG content will cause leaking. I use 50VG/50PG juice,however, the device works well.

The vendor will offer a bottle of the conqueror 10ML Nic Salts liquid with a taste of raspberry and tobacco when you buy the device. The E-liquid and ecig apply the same anti-counterfeiting system.

You can identify the authenticity through Smoant's anti-counterfeiting system. There are currently five flavors of conqueror E-liquid, which also allows users to have more choices.

S8 also uses a magnetic suction plug combination structure. You need to remove the Remove tag on the cartridge before use it. The center of the cartridge is the air intake, The suction resistance is very suitable for MTL.

The S8 has some built-in safety features. If the device detects a short-circuit, or if the pod doesn’t connects to the battery properly, the two LED lights hidden on the groove will flash red , while vaping the LED lights will flash blue.

The vendor also delivered a syringe-type filling bottle, which is very beneficial for liquid filling. There is still a lot of space when the needle inserted into the cartridge to ensure the smooth injection. The thick rubber plug at the bottom of the cartridge also avoid leaking successfully.

Through the translucent cartridge, you can see the atomized core and the storage of the liquid clearly. The atomizing core uses a combination of a coil and cotton, with a resistance of 1.3 ohms. the cartridge can clearly demonstrate the main flavor of the liquid.

When inhaling, it has a sweet and sour taste of raspberry fruit. When it reaches the throat, you will get a strong nicotine salt impact and the taste of tobacco. As to the vapor production, You won’t win any cloud-chasing competition with the S8, but it puts out more vapor than most vape pens as well as other pod systems, like the JUUL.

The flat body with a smooth finish makes the S8 comfortable to hold, and the flat duckbill is nice for the mouth. Compared with other pen-shaped ecig, S8 may not be dominant in weight and size, but you will never be inconvenient when outgoing. At the same time, S8 will be more abundant in the choice of colors, with the appearance of sports car elements, S8 will be more stylish.

visitVapingBison for more products. :smok: 10%OFF FOR NEW USERS !! :vap_cig: CODE:NEWVB10 :smok3:
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Re: vapingbison.com // 10%OFF FOR NEW USERS

Poslaťod gykk » Pia 08. Jún 2018 10:28:58

Today we will take a closer look at the Eleaf iJust 3 , a 24-mm-diameter protective pen-style vape kit. If you used an Eleaf device, you will know that most of their releases tend to be reliable and easy to use. The iJust 3 also doesn’t fall into this category.

The mesh line with various colors makes its looking great. The fire button is a reasonable size, in a hexagonal design, on the back is where you’ll find the USB connector to charge the battery. When charging you can use this device.

When pressing the button, there will be LED lights around, you will know the power range through the four colors of the lights, and it will be on in the situation of short circuit and charging. However, it is not easy to see in a strong light environment.

The pattern design on the top is similar with that of bottom. There is a radiating hole at the bottom and a standard 510 interface on the top. The electrode can be connected seamlessly with most atomizers. At the same time, the IJUST3 also has an air intake slot for the atomizer .

The matching Sub ohm tank ‘s diameter is also 24mm, but the glass tank is a bulb style which will increase the liquid storage capacity of the atomizer. Furthermore, the atomizer also uses a push-pull injection cap, which is extremely easy to use.

The atomization core is the net- styled. Wires are installed on both sides to ensure the core heated consitently. The cotton can offer the enough vape juice at 0.15 ohm. With the three-direction large bottom intakes, the whole atomizer will not have the problem of excessive heat when inhaling.

The maximum output of the IJUST3 with a built-in 3000 mAh battery can reach 80W, which is fully match the power range of the atomization core. And the IJUST3 can also be used with many atomizer products on the market, even with a RDA. But as the battery slowly discharges this output is going to be reduced so you will notice a slight decrease in performance, especially when you run when the battery is less than 10%.

The IJUST3 has a very good performance in terms of ignition speed and output. As the upper picture shows, the effect of 0.7mm wire that has just reached 0.11 ohm. Even with a low-resistance RDA, the IJUST3 can be works well, and with a single-coil RDA or RTA, the battery life will be longer.

Feel free to leave a comment in the section below, you can do so anonymously. You can also follow us onFacebook for contests, sales alerts and other fun stuff!
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